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A morning stroll in the garden

How to grow goodness

How to grow goodness

Today of course is Saturday, and it was the day of the school fair, and of course, the netball game at 11.30.  I had a great sleep, it felt like I’d slept in, but then I looked at the clock and it was only 7am.  Good, I thought.  I want to do about an hour and a half of gardening and I’ll need to be finished by 10am to have a good clean up, as I planned to turn the compost heap, so I knew I would be filthy.  So I made my usual banana smoothie for breakfast, and had a stroll in the garden.  It is looking beautiful.  Three of the sunflowers I planted two weeks ago have germinated, and I still hold out hope for the others.  Also, two more cucumbers have germinated (they are in pots), and the three baby tomatoes have grown, as have the lettuce, corn and kohlrabi which I mentioned planting in the post where I gave away a 6″x4″ quick page for this blog.

Then went back to bed to think about what I wanted to do in the garden.  I snoozed for a while longer, then put on my old clothes, unlocked the shed and got out everything I would need: the empty rubbish bin for putting cardboard in for soaking in water, the hose turned on and running into the rubbish bin, the rake, the spade, the fork, and my good, thick workman’s gloves.  Serious indeed.

The plan was to turn the compost heap, and prepare the Compost and Divine Garden beds, presently with silverbeet, comfry and rocket past their “best by” dates.  So how to begin?  I raked the old silverbeet, comfry, and prettily flowering rocket.  Put that in one wheelbarrow.  Then I forked out all the most recent compost which hadn’t broken down yet, and put that in my other wheelbarrow.  I disassembled the compost heap (it is the kind that one builds up by interlocking the sides as it gets higher) and raked out all the decomposed compost (isn’t the juxtaposition of those two words great??) and put it on the garden beds (the Compost Garden and the Divine Garden).  What beautiful and sweet compost, and so many worms!!!  Lovely.

Then it was back to rebuilding the compost heap.  I put the garden waste I had just weeded from the C & D gardens (which I was preparing which presently had the rich compost I had raked sitting on it) from the first wheelbarrow into the bottom of the compost heap.  Then I put some pea straw which was dry and added lots of water.  Nice.  I ripped up some of the very wet cardboard (which was soaking in the empty rubbish bin, now filled with water) and added that, then put the next lot of compost, the half decomposed lot on top of that, added some more pea straw, and the rest of the water.  Then I put some of the ready-for-the-garden compost back on top, knowing the worms would make a bee-line for the bottom and get that other garden waste ready.

Then I planted three of the lupins in the Divine garden.  I have six more to plant out tomorrow, but needed to get inside and start getting ready so we wouldn’t be late for netball.

Then I went inside and looked out the window at my beautiful garden.  I noticed there was a happy sparrow admiring my work.  I love birds in the garden I thought to myself, there they are, singing away, how lovely.  But hang on a minute!!!!!!!!!!  That bird had a worm in its mouth!  From my beautiful garden!  I want the soil to have those worms though.  So I was out in a shot – and put the wire covers over my garden.

I noticed the worms weren’t there when I had a stroll after I came home from the school fair.  But I knew the birds couldn’t have got them.  Those lovely worms will be deep down in the soil now, well out of reach of the sparrows.

Ah, life is good.


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